5410 generative & unique TEDDY TROOPS NFTs coming to the CARDANO blockchain!
Ready to conquer the digital art space together with YOU!

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The TEDDY TROOPS have been occupying the public space since 2001.
And now in 2022 the TEDDY TROOPS are preparing to conquer the meta space, too.
Their mission has been told since years…


The artist behind the infamous TEDDY TROOPS


Since more than 20 years street and graffiti artist FLYING FÖRTRESS is on
a “One Bear Army” mission now to send out his iconic TEDDY TROOPS to public space.
He started in 2001 to bring his TEDDY TROOPS to life by using spray-paint, posters & stickers
in the streets but also turning them into art as paintings and print editions.
Soon he also transformed the TEDDY TROOPS into 3D art by releasing them as designer toys for the urban vinyl collectorsʼ world.
Traveling all over the globe for exhibitions, graffiti jams and art events he made the TEDDY TROOPS become a very well-known and beloved visual character to the people and collectors everywhere.

Now for Q1-2022 FLYING FÖRTRESS & his team are preparing the drop of 5410 generative & unique TEDDY TROOPS NFTs to the digital art universe to make them conquer & occupy the Cardano space!

Join the TEDDY TROOPS army now! They are ready to march!
Collect & build up your legion of TEDDY TROOPS!

Mint / Own / Collect / Trade / Flip / Hodl!



Our hard drilled team is working to the bones since months.
Only to prepare everything for a perfect big launch!



Commander & Artist


Chief Propaganda


Chief Solution



Chief Community





Our roadmap gives you an idea of what we are working on to create an evolution of the TEDDY TROOPS project.
The TEDDY TROOPS have been marching already over 20 years now and they are here to stay!
We’ll keep this roadmap dynamic, flexible and under frequently development and construction just to be prepared for a long march together with you!


We will also react on community feedback for further additional changes.
TEDDY TROOPS is the long-term project of the renowned artist FLYING FÖRTRESS.
He is infamous for reacting and reflecting on current incidents to include this to his daily art processes.
Always with his great sense of style & humor.

June 2021
March The Metaverse

FLYING FÖRTRESS meets up with his team to start setting up the road for the big march of the TEDDY TROOPS in the NFT space.

October 2021
First Trainings Camp

First concept & development / the TEDDY TROOPS key-visual is cooked up in the HQ's laboratory...

November 2021
Hosky Trooper Meme

The first cNFT edition is dropped: a series of 34x "HOSKY TROOPERS". A tribute to the Cardano space's Hosky Token meme.

December 2021
NFT Collaborations

FLYING FÖRTRESS released some NFTs and collaboration series on to conquer that common space also.
"ACIDCATS X TEDDYTROOPS" - a series of 9x colab NFTs together with TEENSONACID

January 1st 2022

... is finally open to start building up our TEDDY TROOPS' community and army.

January 9th 2022
"Early Troopers"

Our Discord channel is growing fast and reaches
700x "Early Troopers" in just a few days!

January 10th 2022

FLYING FÖRTRESS taking over SUPERPLASTIC's Discord channel to chat about the upcoming colab he made for their "Jankyverse - Gawdtripz" NFT PFP release

mid January 2022
Surprise cNFT Release

To reward our followers with "Early Troopers" Discord status there will a special limited NFT series be released to some lucky raffle winners...

January 2022
Website Launch will be live with all informations on the release. Countdown will start...!

February 2022
Systems Check

Running tests on our minting system.

February 2022

Setting up all verifications for the second market platforms ( / ...)

late February 2022
Launch / Release

THE BIG DATE! Launching the TEDDY TROOPS to the Cardano blockchain as a cNFT edition...!
Details soon! (TBA)

March 2022
Future Projects

* cross-platform bundles / NFTs &  original artwork & vinyl toys by FLYING FÖRTRESS
* collaboration with one of the major Cardano NFT makers
* further community building
* announcement of TEDDY TROOPS next march...
* more... (TBA)


Launch of our stakepool. Announcing all details on the exclusive reward system.


Teddy Troops x IAMX DID eco system will be announced.


Here we have a list of common Q&As to help you to join the TEDDY TROOPS on their mission!

late February 2022 / TBA

Mint price will be 55 ADA for 1x TEDDY TROOPS NFT.

(A littel hint for all you conspiracy theorists… 5410… 54… +1.0…. = 55)

There will be 5410x NFT TEDDY TROOPS to be minted in this release.

A little fairy story…

Once there was a magic jukebox in this secret hidden filthy oldschool bar – somewhere in the dark alleyways of Hamburg’s St.Pauli nightlife district.
The place the JUKEBOX COWBYS gang used to lurk & tag around…
The crew’s favourite drinking song in that jukebox: Record no. 54 – Song no. 10
So this is why “5410” became the magic number and crew letters for the JUKEBOX COWBOYS crew.

We might tell you later which song that 54-10 is…

* Our mint address will be posted at the time of launch.
* You will be able to purchase up to 5x TeddyTroops per TX / … remember: the TROOPS never marching alone!
* You have to send the exact amount of ADA from your wallet to our mint address.
* Any invalid amount of ADA will be automatically refunded after minting is done.
* Date: (TBA)
* Minting price: 55ADA for 1x TEDDY TROOPER NFT
* Be ready! Be quick! First come first served!

Don’t send ADAs from an exchange wallet! Your payment will get lost!

You are able to mint 1x up to 5x TEDDY TROOPS NFTs per transaction/TX.
But there is no limitation/restriction per single wallet!
1x NFTs = 55 Ada
2x NFTs = 110 Ada
3x NFTs = 165 Ada
4x NFTs = 220 Ada
5x NFTs = 275 Ada
Send the exact amount of Ada or your payment will be rejected and be sent back.

Our wallet address for minting will be posted here on our official website – as well as on our TWITTER page and DISCORD channel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t send ADAs from an exchange wallet! Your payment will get lost!

You need a Cardano blockchain native wallet like:
NAMI / YOROI / AdaLite / CCvault / DAEDALUS
For the best minting experience you should have your set-up on a laptop or desktop browser.
But there are also mobile device apps available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t send ADAs from an exchange wallet! Your payment will get lost!

Once your payment went through our magic minting machine, your NFTs will be sent to your wallet address in return.
Depending of the queue at our minting machine on the release date, it might takes up some minutes (up to hours) to have the NFTs minted to the blockchain and  sent out to all the wallets.

We will return any excess amount of ADA back to you.
This will be done AFTER our minting process has been completed.

This might take up to some hours.
So please do not panic – we will send back your ADA!

The rarity of the TEDDY TROOPS and their “traits” will be included in the NFT’s metadata.
They will be visible on the secondary market platforms and also on the Cardano blockchain.
Scan the blockchain with our policy-ID / with tools like:

We will have the TEDDY TROOPS edition officially listed and verified on all big secondary markets.
Like on or

The policy-ID of the “TEDDY TROOPS Edition 1” is:


No. We will close this policy-ID after the release of the 5410x “TEDDY TROOPS Edition 1” and we never create another collection under this policy-ID.
But we will release different future projects with their own new policy-ID.

The march of the TEDDY TROOPS is a limited & colorful NFT collection created by the renowned artist FLYING FÖRTRESS.
The NFTs will be launched/minted on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.
cNFT = Cardano-NFT

The TEDDY TROOPS are coming to bring color and humor to all fans and community.
We want to build and grow one of the strongest communities in the meta space over the upcoming years together.
With 20 years of artistic heritage of FLYING FÖRTRESS’ TEDDY TROOPS – there is already a big community of fans & supporters all over the world & creative space – as not only spraycan heads and street art collectors know & love the TEDDY TROOPS.

With the purchase of a TEDDY TROOPS NFT you can own a unique piece of digital art and of the artist’s history.
Also you are supporting the artist and his team on their mission & vision and future projects which are to come.

Join the TEDDY TROOPS now!

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